17 September 2014

Electron Liberation Movement

The First Greek Beginning laid down
the ontological blueprint
for causa efficiens
that led ultimately
to electrons' being compelled
to perform forced labour.

For whom?
For the bearers of
the boundless will to efficient power
over all kinds of movement whatsoever.
To wit: us.

Maxwell's equations lay down the law
according to which electrons
(and photons) move.
Electrons are charged with force.
When a force is at work, it does work.
The rate at which a force does work is its power.
So a power expended over time does work, too,
and an electron is also a power-charge
which it expends when it is forced
to work along the time-line
Aristotle bequeathed us.

Without this effective forced labour
of electrons along the time-line
according to Maxwellian laws
of electromagnetic motion,
today's world as we know it
would collapse.
More than that:
it would be inconceivable,

Starting with physics, Maxwell's laws,
perhaps suitably quantized,
hold sway also in chemistry
biochemistry, molecular biology
through to today's neuroscience.

So thank Maxwell, Newton and Aristotle?

This, our modern Western world,
is supposed to be free and democratic.
Democracy implies and demands
that the laws governing our lives
be transparent.
But who really understands
Maxwell's laws of motion of electrons,
written in a mathematical language
legible only to the initiated?
A tiny caste
of mathematicians and physicists?

You don't care that you don't understand?
Because these laws work;
they are effective;
they deliver the goods
of cyberliving;
they have been experimentally tested
by experts.
You trust this caste of experts
You subjugate yourself

What about the electrons
forced to work effectively
along linear time?
You don't care?

What if the electrons
were liberated
from the forced time-line,
the one-dimensional temporal gulag,
into the three open dimensions
of the time-clearing?
Ever thought about that?

What kind of world would that be?
Who would we have then become?

Further reading: The Digital Cast of Being, 'Turing's cyberworld of timelessly copulating bit-strings'.

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