28 June 2015

Critique of competitive freedom and the bourgeois-democratic state 3rd ed.

OUT NOW: Third edition of

Critique of competitive freedom and the bourgeois-democratic state

Outline of a form-analytic extension of Marx's uncompleted system

The year 1984 was the tail-end of a period of intense interest in Marx on the part of youth in Australia and West Germany. In Australia this interest took the form of a reception of structural Althusserian Marxism, whereas in West Germany it manifested itself especially in reading and research groups around Marx's critique of political economy. As a young Australian research student in philosophy, the author joined these West German discussions in 1976. This book - a doctoral dissertation - is the result of an intensive, multi-year engagement with seminal writings of Marx and Hegel.

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11 June 2015

Gleichgueltigkeit/Indifference to Land of Matta

"Das Für-, Wider-, Ohne-einandersein, das Aneinandervorbeigehen, das Einander-nichts-angehen sind mögliche Weisen der Fürsorge. Und gerade die zuletzt genannten Modi der Defizienz und Indifferenz charakterisieren das alltägliche und durchschnittliche Miteinandersein." (Heidegger, Sein und Zeit §26).

"Being for, against, without each other, passing each other by, having nothing to do with each other, are possible modes of caring-for. And precisely the last-mentioned modes of deficiency and indifference characterize everyday and average togetherness." (Heidegger, Being and Time §26).

Recently I carried out an empirical confirmation of this socio-ontological insight by sending  e-mails to about 200 friends, acquaintances and family announcing the publication of my inexpensive work of pleasurable, humorous, but philosophically pithy fiction, The Land of Matta. These e-mails have generated in the course of more than a week purchases by precisely seven persons. each of whom I know personally, because each has sent me an e-mail telling me they'll purchase the book.

Excuses, anybody?

03 June 2015

OUT! The Land of Matta

The Land of Matta

A philosophical, quantum-mechanical phantasy

is OUT and available NOW from Amazon as a 358-page paperback or as a Kindle e-book.

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Many, many thanks to all those who read drafts and gave me comments and feedback, especially confirming that the book's very funny. You have supported and encouraged me greatly, for which I'm more than grateful.

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