22 September 2014

Critical thinking's success

A critical thinker asks, "How do you account for critical thinking's success?"

Says I, "It consists in successfully missing the point."

"And what, pray, is the point?" asks the critical thinker critically.

"It ain't no use in sittin' 'n' wonderin', babe,
if you don't know by now," (quoting Dylan's Don't Think Twice).

"Well, I'm off to Paris -- invited keynote, you know," chirps CT cheerily.

"It's downright dangerous for success to think twice," I murmur to myself,
"What you need's a sure instinct for its sweet smell."

CT to himself, on the way to the airport, "Clearly a case of sour grapes."


  1. "a point is that which has no part" - euclid
    therefore it is not wise to take part in this sort of discussion, or rather it is wise to skillfully miss the point, or ratherest it is both wise and unwise to part without pointing.
    i am reminded of joni mitchel's "i could drink a case of you"
    having pointed i will depart....

  2. Yep, successfully avoided the point.

    1. one of my first teaching gigs included a course called "critical reading". i think that the point which was missed was the relationship between reading and thinking. well missed. well, missed.and then there's the point about whether it's critical. but i will offer no critique of that.
      gadzooks, too many photons assailing meyen eyen. must shutter them out.
      good night and good luck!

  3. i love that your blogsite keeps asking me to prove that i'm not a robot...