14 March 2013


Die freiheitliche demokratische Grund-Ordnung entlang,
Man fährt von Freiheit ab — und kommt in Ordnung an.

03 March 2013

Hiatus singularity/universality

"Insofar as there remains a kind of questioning thinking in philosophy
and art beyond or outside or beside reason consummated in a purportedly
final, settled, absolute knowledge and ethical life, i.e. a kind of thinking in the
lacuna outside reason’s ambit hitherto, more or less in conformity with an
historically given casting of being, the recognition accorded to individual
self-consciousness as citizen by the “honour through the office that it
holds, through the business it operates and through its other working
activity” (Ehre durch das Amt, das er bekleidet, durch das von ihm
betriebene Gewerbe und durch seine sonstige arbeitende Tätigkeit, Hegel Enz.
§ 432 Add.) itself becomes vain and empty and cannot satisfy vital,
singular, thinking, questioning individuality. An uncanny hiatus, be it at
first ever so slight and inconspicuous, opens up, or rather, singularity and
universality were never truly closed together in a final historical
conclusion. Even in being acknowledged abstractly in its individual human
rights and enjoying the freedom of movement of particularity (which are
the great historical achievements of the West), singular individuality
therefore remains always eerily unhoused, ‘unbelonging’ and isolated
(vereinzelt, singularized, individualized) in the midst of historically
realized, ethically cemented reason, for it is left ill at ease with the claim of
infinite, absolute reason to have attained final historical consummation in
the social institutions of substantive, consolidated, objective spirit that
purportedly constitute self-consciousness’s highest identity, its ostensibly
unsurpassable, sublime belongingness to the world. In such an ever-broken
mediation between singularity and universality concretely realized in
ethical life, historical time sputters." (p.562)  Read on in Social Ontology.