12 December 2013

Parmenides' message

τὸ γὰρ αὐτὸ νοεῖν ἐστίν τε καὶ εἶναι. (Frag. III)

"For minding and being are the same."
Namely, they are time,
the time-clearing
for all presencing and absencing,
itself unchanging,
unlocatable, placeless,
whereless, bodiless,
non-physical, non-extended,
pre-spatial, prior to place,
within which places make space
and extended things take their places.

If mind and time are the same,
belonging together,
then there is no inside and outside
of so-called consciousness.
So-called reality takes place
within the inconspicuous time-clearing,
presupposing it.

Only in the time-clearing
does mind run up against
occurrents presencing and absencing,
showing themselves,
presenting their looks,
as what or who they are
or are not,
or hiding from mind altogether,
so to speak,
out of mind.

And only to mind
can occurrents present their looks
at all,
absently or presently,
sensuously or non-sensuously.

Today's philosophy cannot think this,
betrothed as it is in deadly wedlock
to science
driven by insatiable will to power,
knows only the calculable, linear,
one-dimensional, real, continuous time
of efficient causality.

Philosophy goes along subserviently,
not daring to challenge,
locating consciousness inside,
perhaps in the brain,
over against the outside, physical world
and continuing to peddle
the subject of consciousness
from liberal humanism
through impotent ethical injunctions
to aesthetic supplements.

Time is imagined as something physical,
an absolute movement of light,
tied to space
in fraught warping equations
of general relativity,
enabling invention
of the mathematical myth
of a Big Bang.

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01 December 2013

Kunst der Politik

Die Kunst der deutschen Politik
besteht im Kampf
um die Einstellung
der Einstellschrauben
im sozial-totalitären Gestell,
um Gerechtigkeitslücken
zu schließen.

Totale Fürsorge
und schrittweise,
der Freiheit.