28 April 2016

Blind Alley

Long ago they entered a blind alley,
today continuing to blindly wander.
They have yet to find a way out.
The Greeks called this aporia.

Even if it's a very long way,
it's better to go back,
to eventually make progress.
But who wants to admit
that they've come so far,
and there's no way further forward?


Das Spiel fing an:
von fort-und-da,
von sich-zeigen-und-verbergen.


The play began,
of here-and-gone,
of hide-and-show.

15 April 2016

Heideggers Aristoteles

Wer ist Heideggers Aristoteles?
Das mu├čt du selber herausfinden.

Who is Heidegger's Aristotle?
That's for you to find out.

Tea-strainer philosophy

Academic philosophy is there to ensure that only an insipid foretaste of philosophy ever gets through.

No philosophizing!

Analytic philosophy is there to make sure that no philosophizing takes place.