07 December 2015

Fateful question

(Translation of Schicksalsfrage 06-Dec-2015)

Could it be,
that the fate of the West
-- even the world --
depends on
clearly seeing,
on understanding,
that time itself has no where
-- is where-less?

That time is another name
for the mind
-- for the psyche itself?

That to talk of inside and outside
with regard to the mind
-- to time itself --
is utter
-- even dangerous --

But thinking has long since
spatialized time,
and people
-- even those who pass on
what is left of philosophy today --
like to talk thoughtlessly
-- unquestioningly and thoughtlessly without end --
of their thoughts
'in their head',
of their
'inner self',

of 'inner conscience',
of 'inner consciousness',
of the factually
'external world',
of 'withdrawing into their interior selves',
and so on.

And a thinker
who shows a way
out of this relentless,
exhausted impasse
is ignored,
and preferably
-- if ignoring is not enough --
people would delete him
-- any trace of him --
 from memory.

People are in love
with linear time
-- with the counted time abstracted
from spatial movement --
because it still promises
Endless the love of power.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, it's extraordinary how unthinkingly people talk about their 'inner' selves. It's simply accepted as 'common' knowledge. I have a couple of times brought people's attention to how ludicrous such a statement is, but it's so engrained, they simply can not see it any other way. It's often shrugged away: 'Oh, you know what I mean.' No, not really.