18 October 2012

Seneca on spending one's life-time

"nec cum illis moror, quibus me tempus aliquod congregavit aut causa ex officio nata civili, sed cum optimo quoque sum : ad illos, in quocumque loco, in quocumque saeculo fuerunt, animum meum mitto." (Seneca Ep. ad Lucilium LXII)

"Nor do I linger with those whom some time or other has brought me together nor because of something born of civil office, but rather I am with the best -- to those in whatever place, in whatever time they were, I send my mind and soul."

The mind is precisely this three-dimensional time-space through which we human beings can mindfully move freely, back and forth, to the "best" this time-space has to offer. Such time-space is open, whereas today's scientific, efficiently causal, linear time is one-dimensional, calculating, constricted, unfree.

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