03 October 2012

Seneca Ep. LV on absent friends

Huc usque cogtationes tuas mitte. Conversari cum amicis absentibus licet, et quidem quotiens velis, quamdiu velis : magis hac voluptate, quae maxima est, fruimur, dum absumus.... Et ideo aequo animo ferre debemus absentiam, quia nemo non multum etiam praesentibus abest. 
Seneca Epistulae ad Lucilium LV

"Send your thoughts here. You may consort with absent friends, indeed, as often as you wish, for as long as you 
wish; this pleasure, which is the greatest, is enjoyed while we are absent. ... And therefore we must bear absence with equanimity, because everyone is very much absent even for those present."

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