12 April 2012

"Language thinks much more than we do"

"Language thinks and opens up much more than we do. In the next few centuries, however, this will probably be forgotten. No one knows whether anyone will ever come back to this [insight]." (Martin Heidegger in a seminar on Heraclitus with Eugen Fink WS 1966/67)

(German: Die Sprache ist viel denkender und eröffnender als wir. Doch das wird man vermutlich in den nächsten Jahrhunderten vergessen. Niemand weiß, ob man einmal wieder darauf zurückkommen wird. Seminare GA15:205)

The scientific will to power strives constantly and unconditionally to enhance its effective control over movement and change of all kinds -- including the movement of human life toward death. In view of this headlong rush of unquestioned progress, who is brave enough to step back and take a look?

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