23 April 2012

Abolition of freedom through thinking

These days neuroscience is telling us that free will is an illusion.
Well, it has to say that, doesn't it?
And we willingly go along with that?
Believing nonetheless we live in 'free' democracies.

Science is going to make us live to 103.
Is that what we wanted?
Is this what it's come to?

We're well underway to abolishing our free selves
through the very (scientific, physicalist) way we think.
Who notices?


  1. do we have freewill to resist scientific/medical interventions even when we can financial afford them? Will the vulnerable be denied access or forced to have such interventions regardless of what they want? What is the meaning of consent? What happens to those who make informed decisions to resist, and those who are unable to access independent information sufficient to make an informed decision or choice? Will only the rich be 'enhanced?'

  2. How could a completely determined system develope an idea of 'free will', signifying anything more than random change? Whatever possessed the brain, that it should produce this highly complex, paradoxical, on metaphor and analogy dependent, illusory experience, to say nothing of the equally complex, etc. explanations surrounding it?