28 September 2016

Time before place

Things take place in time;
thus they occur.
Time does not occur in place,
but rather,
things taking place in time concede room to space
("Raum einräumen", as Heidegger puts it).

Time here is no longer traditional, one-dimensional, linear time,
but 3D ecstatic time,
the three-dimensional (hence non-linear) openness
enabling all presencing and absencing of occurrences,
mostly -- pace modern science -- incalculably,
and both revealingly and concealingly.

Time is mental.
Mind is temporal.
They simply eventuate in the identity of their belonging-together.
Both are whereless, placeless, prior to both place and space,
with neither inside (consciousness) nor outside (external world),
thus enabling things to take place as what they are
and human bodies to take place as who they are
(bodies being the bearers of whoness, not mere whatness;
the subject in all the still hegemonic, ubiquitous, modern
subjectivist theories being a mere what).

Embodied whos may encounter each other
in places where things have taken place.
Such presencing and absencing for each other
is both revealing and concealing
(presencing and absencing should not be confused
with revealing and concealing -- they criss-cross).

But whos encounter each other primordially
more widely, more ecstatically,
in the 3D-openness of temporal mind
which they ineluctably share
as long as they live,
both .revealing and concealing
who they are
not only to others,
but to themselves.

Further reading: A Question of Time.

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