07 June 2016

Science doesn't think

In  his 1954 lectures, Was heißt Denken?, Heidegger famously said,
"Die Wissenschaft denkt nicht."
(English: "Science doesn't think.")
Is that a way to make friends and influence people in this day and age?
Depends on who your friends are.

Bertrand Russell says in his ABC of Relativity: Understanding Einstein from 1925,
and scientists as well as analytic philosophers agree:
"Common sense imagines that when it sees a table, it sees a table. This is a delusion."
This pronouncement is a consequence of seeing the world through the peep-hole of mathematical formulae.
Is Bertrand Russell your friend?
He himself is certainly a friend of mathematized science, which rewards all its loyal vassals by imbuing them with hubristic self-confidence.

Further reading: the Appendix 'A demathematizing phenomenological view of quantum mechanical indeterminacy' in The Digital Cast of Being
Hear also Analytic P. and Willy P. absorbs Bertie.

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