15 April 2016

Tea-strainer philosophy

Academic philosophy is there to ensure that only an insipid foretaste of philosophy ever gets through.

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  1. I agree. My German translation of philosophy is: unquittierbare Leidenschaft des Denkens. And immediately we are partaking the thinking process. What is ‘unquittierbar’? Something, which cannot be left behind. From which you cannot be separated.

    But also get no acknowledgement at all from another one. If we talk about desire it describes a stronger and more vital effect than ‘love’ or ‘friend’ which is often used to translate ‘φίλος’. No institution at all can confirm that a person follows or contributes to such an irreducible desire of thinking. Which is already included in the concept of thinking at all. While there is no thinking without human beings or similar ones who perform it. No truth without a discourse.

    An academy which follows and fosters such intentions is widely welcome. But university philosophy is most often far from that. Similarly the media discourses without personally involved actors.

    Thinkers and true philosophers should stick together around the world and be friends as there are too little of them.