06 October 2015

Keys lying in the dark

You know the one about the drunk looking for his car keys at night under the light of a lamp-post? A passer-by asks him what he's doing.
He says, "I've dropped my car keys, so I'm looking for them, ain't I?"
The passer-by asks, "Is this where you dropped them?"
"No, I dropped them over there in the dark."
"Then why are you looking for them here?" the passer-by persists.
"Because there's more light here," replies the drunk, annoyed.

Doesn't this joke tell you something?
With your present cast of mind, you see and understand the world in a certain light.
You have a vague inkling that current ways of thinking can't get to grips with persistent anomalies and deep-seated, pernicious crises facing global humanity.
Someone suggests you look into a different way of thinking that has posed and pursued radically simple, elementary questions opening up and demanding another view of the world.
That would enable your mind to reset and learn to think differently.
"Oh no", you say, "that's much too hard for me to understand.
I prefer to stay here in the light".
Drunk on the status quo, pretending to be standing,
completely sober, in the lumen naturale of reason?

But the keys are lying in the dark.
That's where you have to venture.

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  1. sehr schöne sprachliche Wendung im: completely sober, in the lumen naturale of reason?