15 December 2019

Time Stands Still

The traffic on the city's congested streets came entirely to a halt. All the clocks stood still, registering 11:49 exactly. Had time ceased? Had movement frozen? People got out of their vehicles, which immediately dissolved into the air, leaving the people as a mass on the streets in their hundreds of thousands. Charles moved through the crowds calling out encouraging chants:
We have all the time in the world!
We have time on our side!
We have time on our hands!
We have time in our hands!
The at first hesitant chanting became a deafening, joyous uproar.
Time had stopped, but movement and life hadn't.

01 November 2019

Life according to ELDRED

Every     Living     Deadshit Deadhead Deadbeat Dunce Dullard Dummy Drongo Dolt Dude or            
 Dandy     Reads     European     Directives
”    ”    ”    Requires     Enlightened     Discipline
”    ”    ”    Rejects     Extravagant     Downplay
”    ”    ”    Regrets     Evasive     Decisions
”    ”    ”    Resents     Elongated     Dildoes
”    ”    ”    Resends     Extradition     Demands
”    ”    ”    Returns     Exculpatory     Documents
”    ”    ”    Rifles     Endearing     Diaries
”    ”    ”    Rummages     Extensive     Dossiers
”    ”    ”    Remains     Evermore     Devoted
”    ”    ”    Re-enacts     Enlightenment     Dramas
”    ”    ”    Rescues     Elusive     Damsels
”    ”    ”    Rescinds     Established     Dogma
”    ”    ”    Radiates     Erudite     Discontent
”    ”    ”    Reorganizes     Eclectic     Dancesteps
”    ”    ”    Renovates     Excavated     Dunnies
”    ”    ”    Rides     Expatiating     Dillies
”    ”    ”    Reiterates     Expiatory     Discourse
”    ”    ”    Regurgitates     Ethereal     Dilemmas
”    ”    ”    Ramifies     Extant     Developments
”    ”    ”    Radicalizes     Empathetic     Drives
”    ”    ”    Reforms     Existential     Drudgery
”    ”    ”    Rips     Escapist     Drapery
”    ”    ”    Rolls     Emotive     Dice
”    ”    ”    Rubs     Expensive     Dolls
”    ”    ”    Runs     Erratic     Diatribes
”    ”    ”    Raps     Esoteric     Ditties
”    ”    ”    Relishes     Erotic     Daydreams
”    ”    ”    Reduces     Excessive     Diets
”    ”    ”    Remixes     Ephemeral     Dainties
”    ”    ”    Revives    Extinct     Dodos
”    ”    ”    Rehabilitates    Excoriated     Dramatists
”    ”    ”    Records     Expiring     Doldrums
”    ”    ”    Relegates     Elaborate     Designs
”    ”    ”    Recites     Exhortatory     Dithyrambs
”    ”    ”    Reviles     Eruptive     Doggerel
”    ”    ”    Represses     Effusive     Drivel
and     anything     else     you     can     imagine.

21 October 2019

Adam Smith on "In a nation distracted by faction..."

"In a nation distracted by faction, there are, no doubt, always a few, though commonly but a very few, who preserve their judgment untainted by the general contagion. They seldom amount to more than, here and there, a solitary individual, without any influence, excluded, by his own candour, from the confidence of either party, and who, though he may be one of the wisest, is necessarily, upon that very account, one of the most insignificant men in the society. All such people are held in contempt and derision, frequently in detestation, by the furious zealots of both parties. A true party-man hates and despises candour; and, in reality, there is no vice which could so effectually disqualify him for the trade of a party-man as that single virtue. The real, revered, and impartial spectator, therefore, is, upon no occasion, at a greater distance than amidst the violence and rage of contending parties. To them, it may be said, that such a spectator scarce exists any where in the universe. [...] Of all the corrupters of moral sentiments, therefore, faction and fanaticism have always been by far the greatest."
Adam Smith Theory of Moral Sentiments 1759 Part III Chap. III end.

Further reading: Adam Smith Theory of Moral Sentiments
Michael Eldred  Social Ontology of Whoness.

12 October 2019

Positivism Pete

You are a hard man,
slammed the door shut.
Single-mindedly fixated on power,
with an unquenchable thirst for it,
you closed off any alternative path
— seemingly.

Your vassals are steadfastly loyal,
blindly loyal.
They applaud you for your efficiency,
your effectiveness,
your productiveness,
your practical mindedness,
your wealth of knowledge,
your endless progress.
They identify with you
as their Lord,
their God.

Is there yet a turning ahead?
Is there still a slither of light
from underneath the closed doorway?
A subtle difference of shade?

Who sees it?
Are they the wayward ones?
heading froward
on the path of progress?

You know how to clear them away,
ride over them.
You know how to seduce
with promises of power,
of status,
to keep your vassals loyal,
those vassals who delude themselves
that they are free.

But do the wayward ones
yet point the way forward
by walking fromward
to hazard a fresh start?

Do they find the key to reopen
the passage to freedom
you smugly thought
to have sealed off
once and for all?

18 July 2019

Gedanken im Kopf

Marsmensch A an Marsmensch B nach der Rückkehr As zum Mars von der Erdbeobachtungsstation, die sich versteckt auf der fernen Seite des Erdmonds befindet:
A: "...Und diese Erdlinge glauben in allem Ernst, daß sie Gedanken im Kopf haben."
B (schmunzelnd): "Wirklich?!"
A: "Ja, wirklich!"
B: "Kaum zu glauben!"
A: "Sie hatten einmal ein großes Genie namens Einstein oder so ähnlich. Nach seinem Tod (ja, Erdlinge tun so was wie 'sterben') haben diese Erdlinge das Gehirn aus dem Schädel dieses Einsteins entfernt, es in kleine Teile zerschnitten und
es u.a. mit Metallspitzen elektrisch traktiert, um die große Denkkraft zu entdecken, die nach ihrem Glauben im Gehirn angesiedelt ist."
B krümmt sich vor Lachen auf dem Marsboden.
A: "Und hier kommt das Beste: sie basteln sogar an Maschinen, die nach ihrem Glauben künstliche Intelligenz erzeugen sollen."
Lautes Lachen beidseits.

30 May 2019


Neulich in den vermischten Kurzmeldungen gelesen: 

In einer Pressekonferenz erklärte ein Polizeibeamter, "Laut Augenzeugenberichten wurde am letzten Freitag um circa 18:15 im Nahverkehrszug Nr. 1832 eine Person mit weiblichem Hintergrund durch einen mittelgroßen, braunhaarigen Täter im vorderen Primärgenitalbereich angefaßt."

09 May 2019

Grammatical barbarism

It has come to the attention of the government that grammatical barbarism has been seeping into the English language for centuries — and they are doing something about it! They have appointed a committee of distinguished scholars at the National Academy. A series of measures have been taken to stop the mental rot. "These sort of things are barbaric," said one committee member. "All the data is pointing to the decay, but the media is stubbornly ignoring it. This amounts to gross negligence on its part." Each member of the committee are concerned with the lax attitude toward grammatical correctness pervasive today. "I am familiar with someone that doesn't know the difference between singular and plural," commented another committee member. "From various forums we know that hardly anyone still knows about the plural and singular endings of Latin words, as if a highly infectious bacteria was being spread. As for Greek endings, nobody has a criteria any longer for telling whether a word is singular or plural." He went on, "One professor who we are acquainted with cannot distinguish between nominative and accusative case and hides his embarrassment by exclusively using 'that' as the relative pronoun for both things and people! This isn't just a matter between you and I, but needs to be made public. Social media is probably the most effective way to halt this downward spiral."